4x4 Square Wood Print Magnet Set

by Plywerk
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The 4x4 Square Wood Print Magnet Set is a unique product that stands out due to its innovative design and sustainable production. These magnets are printed with eco-friendly inks on 1/4' birch wood, making them a perfect blend of style and sustainability.

Each set includes three 4'x4' square magnets that are heat and moisture resistant. They can be easily cleaned with a wet rag, ensuring they maintain their aesthetic appeal. The absence of white ink allows the natural wood grain to show through the image, adding a rustic charm to the product.

What makes these wood print magnets truly unique is that each piece will vary in wood grain. This means no two wood prints will look alike, offering you a truly unique product. These magnets are made and handcrafted in the U.S.A, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship.

Please note, due to the small size of the magnets, they pose a choking hazard and should be kept away from children and electronic devices.