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More Than Just Green

For us being "Green" is not a word but a lifestyle. We take great measures to create beautiful, handmade, one of a kind custom wood prints and home decor products. While we care deeply about the quality and service we provide, we also place great value on how our day-to-day operations can affect the environment as well.

That's why we consider our practice as a company to be MORE THAN JUST GREEN. The steps we take to operate as an environmentally conscious business is by no means a gimmick, more so, it's our way of life. That's because we don't just apply these principles to one or two steps in the process, an eco-conscience approach is applied to our entire production process.

Sustainably Harvested Wood

Our Bamboo and birch wood is sustainably harvested, sequesters carbon, and is purchased from our local suppliers. PLYWERK is handmade by real humans in Riverside, CA. We take pride in creating local jobs and bucking the trend of overseas manufacturing.

Eco-Friendly Archival Inks

Our direct printing process exclusively utilizes water-based, UV cured archival inks. The photo mounted prints uses water based, archival inks printed on Lustre Photo Paper. Both processes have been carefully selected on the fact that their curing process does not emit any volatile organic compounds (or VOC's) during printing.

100% Solar Power

Over 200 solar panels have been installed on the roof of our building, attached to a 50 kilowatt system. This ensures that our daily operations are powered by 100% renewable solar energy.

Above & Beyond

So we've just created your PLYWERK print using eco-friendly wood, ink, and energy. While some people think this would be a good stopping point, MORE THAN JUST GREEN means going above and beyond what's expected. Instead of using harmful plastics such as bubble wrap which cannot be broken down naturally, and can be harmful to local wildlife. Our shipping process includes the use of biodegradable, environmentally safe, recyclable packaging called Geami.

Not resting until every last bit of wood is recycled or upcycled. All usable scrap wood is donated to Habitat for Humanity, a local charity that builds homes for families in need. MORE THAN JUST GREEN isn't a self-imposed title we assigned to ourselves to feel better about what we do, it's a reputation we strive to earn and grow every single day because we care.