Our Story


Plywerk started in a basement. Kim, a photographer, needing to mount a photo, took some wood glue to the photo and applied it to a piece of wood. Kjell, an entrepreneur and graphic designer, saw an opportunity. A product was created and a business was born.

For the next two years they sold Kim's photos on gorgeous maple wood at local craft-makers. There they met like-mided artists, fellow entrepreneurs, & local customers.

In 2012, they moved the growing team out of their house, into a new workshop and began to expand the product line to offer more ways for you to display your photos, products and memories. We continue to handcraft these and new products with an ethos that is more than just green.


When Kjell and Kim announced they were closing the doors of Plywerk in December 2016, they were contacted by Derric Swinfard. Derric happened to be one of Plywerk's biggest competitors with his own equally sustainable business, Prints On Wood,specializing in creating unique limited edition fine art wood prints. Interested in continuing the legacy of high quality wood prints and the dedication to sustainability Plywerk was known for, Derric was able to work with Kjell and Kim to begin a new chapter for Plywerk.


Now made with 100% solar power by the 200 solar panels on the roof, Plywerk found it's new home.With room to grow in the 14,000 sqft warehouse Plywerk has a bright future ahead. Personally trained by the Portland Plywerk crew, we guarantee the same quality and satisfaction you received from your Plywerk will continue.