Photo Mounted Wood Prints

PLYWERK was founded with a reputation and commitment to high quality photo wood prints. In continuing with that legacy, we are committed to give the same quality you have come to expect from PLYWERK which is why we offer Photo Mounted wood prints.A Photo Mounted wood print is exactly as it sounds, a photo printed on Lustre paper with archival inks mounted by hand to a wood panel. Lustre, not quite matte and not quite glossy, (also referred to as Satin) photo paper has excellent color saturation without the "sheen" that can be a hindrance in glossy print finishes.While photo mounted prints are not as durable as direct printing, the sharpness of the photo is sometimes worth the compromise. When printing graphics, artwork or illustrated images, direct printing tends to translate the printed image better onto the wood print.


Each photo is hand mounted to a wood panel with care and precision by a real person in our 100% solar powered facility.


The photo mounted wood panels are made 1/8" less than the stated size. This allows room to trim the photo and get a perfectly clean edge.


The beautiful wood print cut, shaped and polished by hand with a mounted Lustre photo print. To get the best results and optimum color output possible we encourage you to work in a color-calibrated workspace. For the best color accuracy format your images using the sRGB color profile.