Direct Printing on Wood

Direct printing on wood is exactly as it sounds, the image is digitally printed directly onto the wood panel. But what about the wood grain you ask? Well, we have perfected the process of printing on a bright white finish which gives the look and feel of a true to color image printed on wood. Direct printing gives the same feel and look of a photo mounted print plus the added benefit of durability.

With a nationally top rated flatbed printer we are able to produce a high quality digitally print that is very comparable to the crispness of a photograph. Photo mounting is the best option of photographic images, but direct printing comes in a very close second. If you are ordering a graphic image or illustrated image, direct printing is the best option.


Side by side it is hard to tell the difference between Direct Printing and Photo Mounted. In this picture the Photo Mounted print is on the left and the Direct Print is on the right.


With multiple sizing options available, PLYWERK has the perfect wooden canvas for your custom wood print, and since all of our wooden PLYWERK canvases are cut and sanded by hand in-house, if you don't see the size you need we can always have it custom made with no minimum to buy. All of the wood harvested for our canvases are fully sustainable, meaning once it has been harvested, a replacement is planted in it's place. Once our wood canvases have been cut and sanded with precision, our remnant sheets of wood are donated to Habitat for Humanity, a local organization that builds homes for families in need. We also donate remnant wood within our community, giving wooden canvases to local elementary schools intended for use with future art projects.